I Walked on Water

So yesterday was epic because I did something that I can only do in dreams…walking on water! Okay so maybe I didn’t literally walk “on” water, but it was pretty close. My host parents took me to an amazing exhibit made by the American, Christo Vladimirov Javacheff. He made the “Floating Piers” which are three long yellow piers that lead to an island on Lake Iseo. The exhibit is only there for 15 days, so I was lucky to see it! The adventure started on Saturday, when we went to Milan, picked up Tiantian, and drove to a hotel in Brescia. There was a music festival in Brescia that we saw, but than it started raining at the end. It rains SO MUCH here! We went to bed early that night because we planned to wake up at 6am the next morning. I was sooooo tired Sunday morning!! Luckily I got to sleep a little on the car ride to the floating piers. When we arrived at the lake it was already crowded, so we had to park a long way away and walk for 25 minutes. It woke me up though! Than we had to stand and wait in a really really long line for over 2 hours. It was worth it though!! When we started walking on the floating piers it felt like we were on a boat because we could feel it rocking back and forth on the waves. There were three piers, together making 3 kilometers long. We walked on all three of them, start to finish, and visited the island in between. The island was pretty big, and it was full of tourists when we went. For lunch we decided to eat up high on the mountain of the island to get a good view of the piers, so we climbed and climbed until we found the restaurant. Sadly, it was closed and didn’t take reservations. So we kept climbing because Pigi told us there would be a path nearby to get back down a different way. After another HOUR or so of walking, we finally found it. Thanks Pigi! For lunch we ate at the bottom of the mountain next to the lake. I ate a cold pasta with tomatoes and olives :)

It was a really fun weekend because I got to spend time with Tiantian and my host family and of course, thanks to Christo, I got to walk on water.

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