Sleepovers, Parties, and Witch Festivals!

Ciao everyone! Good news: my Italian is improving! Some of my classmates noticed and told me so I have proof :) I actually feel that I’ve been learning a lot these past few weeks because I’m understanding more and more of what people are saying! Speaking and writing Italian are probably the hardest for me because of grammar and sentence structure, so I will work on those.

The weather has been surprisingly nice here for this time of year. It’s around 50 degrees fahrenheit here at night and in the early mornings and then the low 60’s during the day. These last two weeks have been especially nice because the sun is always shinning and it hasn’t rained for a while. I’m savoring these sunny days before it becomes freezing and snowy in the winter months.

Saturday night was super fun, I went to party with Giulia because two of her friends were having birthdays. It was pretty fun! I got to meet a whole bunch of Giulia’s classmates. There was food, dancing, etc. The party lasted pretty late, so Giulia and I caught the last ferry ride at midnight. And since the party was held in Intra, which is where my school is (an hour away from Angera), I spent the night at Giulia’s house across the lake in Cittiglio afterwards. My 3rd sleepover since I’ve been here!

Sunday I slept in, and then Giulia’s aunt drove me home to Angera. I met my host parents in the center of town, where a festival was taking place. Apparently it was a witch festival where people dressed up as witches, and there were a whole bunch of small tents with people selling stuff having to do with witches, or halloween, or anything in that category. And of course people also had tents selling cheese, wine, salami, and fruit because well, you know…I’m in Italy. lol.

This week has been pretty normal: school, Italian lessons. On Thursday my class is going to Milan for a class field trip! That should be super fun! And on Saturday I found out that I’m skipping school to meet up with my AFS Intercultura friends in Novara! I’m so excited for that too! And then Sunday, I’m going with my host mom to Varese to do something with my visa(?), I don’t really know the details yet. Anyway, the end of this week should be super fun, so I will probably write about it on Sunday if I’m not too tired. Until then!

One thought on “Sleepovers, Parties, and Witch Festivals!

  1. One of my favorite posts! You are learning Italian and making friends and it sounds like your host mom is on top of whatever is going on with your VISA.
    I’m a happy camper,


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