3 Parties, 1 Weekend!

Hellooo! This weekend has been really fun because it was full of activities! And you can probably tell from the title of this blog that I went to 3 parties over the weekend! The first one was on Saturday night. I celebrated Camilla’s birthday with her friends at “Flamingo,” the local bar in Angera. It was super fun, there were about 20 of us at a really long table! We ate pizza for dinner but I had way too much, it’s just so good here!! :) Then we sang Aurguri (Happy Birtdhay) to Camilla and ate cake. We stayed at the bar for a really long time and didn’t go home till about 1am…oops haha!

Sunday I finally got to sleep in after the long week of waking up early for school every day. I slept in till 10, ate breakfast, and then Camilla, Martino, and I went to the 2nd party of the weekend, which was a birthday lunch for their friend Gotta (Alberto). A lot of the same people from Camilla’s party came, but also some other friends as well. We ate polenta with a choice of cheese or meat (I had meat), and then some kind of rice crispy treat for dessert(?). It looked like a rice crispy treat, but sweeter and with caramel. After the party, mom picked me and Camilla up and drove us to our flute lesson. I’m really glad I decided to take flute lessons here, hopefully it will better prepare me for next year at ASA (my school in Arizona). After the flute lesson, Camilla and I had a orchestra rehearsal with all of the other music students. We practiced Christmas music for the mini concert we are having on December 8th. After the rehearsal we went to the 3rd party, which was another birthday party for Camilla! This one was at Nonna’s (Grandma) house, and the whole family came. There were probably like 20 of us total, so we had to split up and eat at two tables for dinner! We had pizza again, and some yummy ham and cheese(?) muffins that someone made (I forgot who made them, sorry!). And we had chocolate cake for dessert, along with some chocolate chip muffins that Camilla’s cousin Kyra made. I ate way too much and regretted it this morning in gym class!

Today was a special day in gym class. The school hired a professional zumba instructor to teach a 4 hour zumba lesson to the school. It was crazy! There were literally 100 girls (and some boys..not very many though) on the basketball court! We started off by doing and hour and a half of zumba. I actually enjoyed it more than I thought I would, it was really fun and energizing! Then we did an hour of a workout session where we stretched and did workout moves like sit-ups and push-ups. I didn’t particularly enjoy that hour because it was so difficult and I felt really sore afterwards! The last hour and a half was my favorite because it was super fun! We got to learn a dance routine! The instructor made a really confusing routine seen simple by breaking down each step one at a time and repeating it over an over again. Then by the end, we had learned a dance! Tomorrow is a normal school day, so we have classes the whole day. Until next time!


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