I like cheese now???

So the last couple of weeks have been pretty chill because I’ve been sick. But I actually got a lot done during my sick days – I finished working on my powerpoint presentation about Arizona for my exchange week in Sicily, I read a lot of my new book (and it’s in Italian so be proud of me), I thought about and blogged about the important lessons I’ve learned, I got time to talk a lot with my host parents, and I progressed further in my Italian learning. It’s nice to have peace and quiet once and a while.

And now I am finally healed so I started going to school again this week! We started working with clay in sculpture class which has been pretty fun, I’m making a pumpkin right now :) Last night my host mom cooked “raclette,” which is a type of Swiss cheese that you put in a small tray and heat up in a special machine. Then once it’s a nice golden brown color you put it on your plate, put pepper on it, and eat it! It’s also a tradition to eat it with potatoes and wine. I actually really liked it! I was a little surprised because before coming to Italy the only cheese I liked was mozzarella, parmesan, and cheddar. But now I can say that I like raclette cheese too!

Tomorrow I’m going to Sicily for a week to stay with a family there for my “settimana di scambio” (week of exchange). I won’t be back until next Sunday, so my next blog post will probably be the day after that, or sometime that week.

Qualcuno mi ha chiesto di scrivere un parte della mia blog in italiano, quindi farlo adesso. Sono molta contenta ad andare a Sicilia per una settimana. Ho un’amico che vive lì nella nord-est di Sicilia, e ha detto che è bellissima e devo visitare qualche volta. Prossima settimana sarò in Enna, Sicilia, quindi non posso visitare lui in quel momento. Però alla fino della mia soggiorno qui, i miei genitori stanno organizzando a venire a prendami in Roma. Organizziamo a fare una piccola gita in Sicilia per una settimana insieme, quindi forse possiamo gli visitare a quel momento. Comunque, dopo mio gita in Enna, vi dirò tutto su di esso dopo torno. A dopo e un bacio!

2 thoughts on “I like cheese now???

  1. Have a nice exchange week! :D How does it work, I mean, do you switch place with another exchange student who is currently living in Sicily? I like that you wrote a part of this post in Italian too, brava!


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