Do you even have ice in Arizona?

Well, it looks like Christmas break is over and it’s back to reality. I started school again on Thursday, so now it’s back to getting up early at 6:30. It is really nice to see my classmates again! We had lots to talk about after not seeing each other for 2 weeks.

Today I got to go ice skating with my AFS friends and the volunteers from Novara! It was nice to see them again, we got to share our Christmas and New Years adventures. They picked me up at the boat station, and we all ate lunch at a cute little restaurant in Arona. Then we went ice skating! One of my friends asked me if I even have ice in Arizona since it’s so hot hahhaha I laughed a bit. We have ice, but it’s inside a cooled building. Also, be proud of me, I only fell once!! Pretty good for an Arizonian I would say :) Tomorrow I have school again, and then after I’m meeting my friend Bryan for lunch. Till next time!

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