Fruit, Bread, and Cheese

Ciao ragazzi! School has gotten more boring for me. It’s very hard to stay attentive in class when I don’t know what the teacher is saying, when I don’t have the textbooks, and when the teacher just stands in front of the class and talks the whole time. On a brighter note, I feel like I have really bonded with some of my classmates this week! I always look forward to snack time in school because that’s when I have a chance to talk to my friends and get to know them better. Today was the first day we had math class, and I was very proud of myself because I understood everything the teacher was writing on the chalkboard! We are learning algebra right now, so it’s kind of a review for me.

Today was pretty uneventful, I went to school, had some gelato with friends while waiting for the boat (we missed the first one), ate lunch at home, took a nap with Micio (the cat), and now I’m about to eat dinner. I don’t know what we are having for dinner, probably pasta, some kind of vegetable like eggplant (although we had that last night), bread, and of course fruit. I’ve noticed that Italians eat a lot of fruit. I eat it during every meal, even breakfast! My favorite fruits here are peaches and kiwi. I never ate kiwi in Phoenix because I though they were too hard to peal, but after I actually tried it, I realized that it’s just like pealing any other fruit! And they are SO good here! Italians also eat a lot of bread here, they always buy those long baguettes. That’s the only kind of bread they eat! There is always fruit, bread, cheese, wine, sparkling water, and natural water at the table. I really thought I would like the cheese here since it’s natural and fresh, but I found that I can’t stand the smell! I definitely like American cheese better even though it’s fake :) I brought a box of kraft mac and cheese here and made it for my family. They laughed so hard when they saw the tiny bag of cheese in the form of powder! I wish I could have gotten it on tape! Anyway, dinner is almost ready. Buon appetito!

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