Country all the way

This week has been so much fun, I can’t even explain how happy I am to be here in Italy! Wednesday night was exciting, I got to meet all of Camilla’s and Martino’s friends. We all went to the local bar in Angera called “Flamingo,” and they were all asking me questions about my life in America. It was amusing :) On Friday they took me shopping in the town across the lake from Angera, and I also got to see the high school I will be attending. The school is called “Istituto Scolastico Cobianchi.” It is two stories, pink, and looks kind of historic from the inside. We talked with the principle of the school and decided that I will be placed in year 4 (Italian schools have 5 years in high school) in the linguistic school. That means I will be studying languages like english, french, and german, along with core classes like math, science, and history. I will tell you all about my first impressions of my classes when I start school on September 21.

Yesterday, Camilla’s friends and I went to a country festival in Angera. We dressed up in country wear like plaid shirts, jeans, and boots, and Carlotta and Laura wore cowboy hats. The festival had food, drinks, music, and dancing. It was very entertaining! There was even a live band that played country music, and it was in english! Then I accidentally made the mistake of telling people that I knew how to country dance, so they made me show them the steps. In the end I’m glad I told people that I could dance because it was actually really fun teaching them! I taught them some of the steps to the line dance “Cotton Eye Joe.” I would dance, and they would follow! They festival lasted until about 11pm, so we went back after dinner to dance some more.

Until next time. Arrivederci amici!

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