I fail at the birthing position

It is January 5, meaning I’ve been in Italy for 4 months!!! Wowwwww!! I can’t believe I’m almost half way finished with his adventure. Yesterday was a special day, because it was the first day I got to see my friend Cameron since the beginning of December! I took the boat and then a one hour bus ride to Novara, and then Cameron meet me at the bus station which is about a 10 minute walk from her house. It was so amazing to see her again because she is the only other person around my area who’s first language is english. It was so nice to get a break from Italian for a couple hours :) She showed me around the center on Novara, we went to a coffee shop and talked, and we looked in some stores. Then we walked back to her house and I got to meet her beautiful host family. She has three little host siblings – 2 boys and a girl, ages maybe 4 to 11. They are super cute!! After lunch I got to attend Cameron’s yoga lesson with her! It was actually pretty fun! We rode bikes there though so I was out of breath once we arrived. When the yoga teacher saw me she apologized that this was the lesson I was attending because apparently she planned on only doing new yoga positions that day. I guess she thought it would be difficult for me. She was right. I was terrible!!! There were literally 10 other adults and Cameron taking the class and I was the worst one in there!!! Almost all of the positions had to do with stretching, which I’m horrible at! It was so funny though, there was this one position we had to do which Cameron and I called the “birthing position” because we had to lay on our backs, put our feet in the air, and hold our toes in our hands like babies. Apparently when you do this position, you’re supposed to be perfectly balanced. But for some reason I had difficulties with this and kept falling over on my side like a roly poly! Cameron had to bush me back to get balanced hahah! We laughed so hard Cameron started coughing and had to be excused to calm down!!! The last part of the lesson was 15 minutes of laying in the dark listening to calming music. But it only felt like 5 minutes to me because I fell asleep haha oops. After the lesson finished we biked back to her house, ate dinner with her family, and went to bed. Cameron has a couch with a pull out bed in her room, so I slept on that. The next morning, I took the bus and the boat back to Angera for my flute lesson. I know this was only one day that I described, but it was a really fun day for me so I wanted to share it with you all :) Ciao!

Also, if you want to check out my new YouTube video for December, here’s the link!! <https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CEcE3v9XTF0&gt;

2 thoughts on “I fail at the birthing position

  1. Dear Sienna, I am enjoying so much your reports and seeing how much fun and wonderful experiences you are having. I think you have clearly replaced granddaddy as the family adventurer. We all miss you and are looking forward to your return so that we can hear even more about your adventures. If I could pay you a surprise visit without violating the rules, you can be sure that I would be showing up soon. Love, Granddaddy


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