A Day in Brescia

Yesterday was an amazing day!! I got to visit Brescia with my host dad Pigi! We started off the day early and bright at 8am, drove for an hour, and then stopped at a coffee place for a snack. We both ordered cappuccinos and brioche cioccolato (chocolate croissants). Then we headed back on the road and drove another hour to Brescia. We stopped at a factory were Pigi works at first and dropped off some merchandise. His factory makes silverware and other tools for the kitchen. He also makes those boxes that go under showers that filter dirty water and create cleaner water to reuse. He told me that there are a lot of factories in the north of Italy and not the south because the south “prendere il sole” (take the sun – sunbathe) and “cultivare l’agricultura” (cultivare agriculture). So the north of Italy has “tutti i fabbricati per tutti italia” (all of the factories for all of Italy). lololol!!! After the factory stop, we drove to the famous medieval castle in Brescia called “Castello di Brescia.” It was built in the 13th century and is one of the biggest castles in Italy! It was so beautiful!! Definitely one of the most beautiful castles I’ve ever seen! Pigi took a whole bunch of pictures of me that he posted on Facebook :) After the castle, we walked down the hill into the city of Brescia and visited the cathedral called “Duomo Nuovo.” It is a Roman Catholic church that was built in the early 1600s! It was so beautiful!! The inside was incredible, very old, molto bello :) Then after that we ate lunch at a cute little restaurant along the cobblestone street. Pigi ordered “canguro” (kangaroo) for both of us. I didn’t even know you could eat kangaroo!! I guess it was shipped over from Australia hahhah. It actually didn’t taste bad! Kinda like steak actually, but a little bit more chewy. I liked it, but it gave Pigi a stomach ache that he still has today. I guess he’s not used to eating so much meat like I am! Anyway, after the delicious kangaroo, we got back in the car and drove two hours home. On the drive we passed by a special mountain near Pettenasco that was used to build the famous cathedral in Milan. Apparently it is one of the rare mountains that contains marble inside. The marble was shipped on a barge on the Lago Maggiore, and then through a river that leads to Milan.

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