New School!

Hi guys! So I have more big news! I decided to switch schools for convenience reasons, so now I’m going to a new school in the town next to mine. It’s an artistic/musical/scientific school. And I chose to be in the artistic school because I already go to a music school in Arizona and want to try something new, and because I’m curious in learning about art and sculpture here. Today was my first day and it was great! All of my classmates were so nice to me, I think I will be happy here! Till next time :)

2 thoughts on “New School!

  1. I just returned from an AFS meeting and EVERYONE was talking about you. Carol Meissner and Karen Powers in particular were talking about how smart you were to make the effort to change families. You are so brave and learning so many new things. Now you get to start crew, try sculpture, and eat totally different cuisine like Kangaroo!


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