A Day in Turin

This whole week my host family is also hosting a teacher from Corsica because she is on a one week school trip with her students. Corsica is a French island above Sardegna, so this teacher, Gracieuse, speaks French! Luckily she also speaks pretty good Italian, so my host family and I are able to speak with her. This whole week the French students get to interact with the Italian students at the school where my host mom teaches, and they tour around this area of Italy and learn about the culture. It’s basically an exchange trip like mine but for only one week! Yesterday the French and Italian students went to Turin for a day trip, so I went as well because I’m also interested in seeing these famous Italian cities. The trip was absolutely beautiful! After a two hour long bus ride of sleeping and listening to music, we finally arrived in Turin at our first stop, the film museum! We got an amazing tour guide who was really energetic and passionate about his job, so that made the experience even better! We learned about the various stages of how movies developed over time. We also were lucky to ride the elevator that rides to the top of the building that looks over the beautiful view of Turin. It was the best elevator ride I had ever taken. It was a clear glass elevator, and it started in a basement area, rode into a huge room with movie displays all around and like 60 comfy red reclining chairs at the bottom where people can lay and watch movies, and then the ride finished at the roof. The roof reminded me of a small Eiffel Tower because it was an outside view of the whole city, with bars all around the platform so you wouldn’t fall off. After this beautiful museum, all of the students ate their already packed lunches on the sidewalk. Then we all headed to the center of town, seeing the antique buildings, plazas, and old pastry shops along the way. At the center of town the teachers and I got the chance to eat lunch at a cafĂ© while the students went shopping. I ate lasagna! Then we all took a stroll around the city and got back on the bus to go home. The trip was a success, and to top it all off, the weather was wonderful! It didn’t rain, and it wasn’t too cold outside.

Here is my latest video on Youtube! <https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HTpC2yrr0Ho&gt;

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