New Year, New Age, New Era

HAPPPY NEW YEAR!!! BUON ANNO NUOVO!! New Years was so much fun to celebrate in Italy this year! I went to my friend Carlotta’s house with other friends and we all made food for New Years Eve dinner. We made a whole bunch of appetizers, chicken, and then salame ciocolattto for dessert. It took a really long time to make everything but it was worth it in the end because it was so delicious! After dinner we did the countdown for the new year and celebrated with champaign. It was a beautiful moment <3 We all went outside and saw some fireworks far in the distance, and the men of our group lit up fireworks of our own! After that we played games on the wii and watched High School Musical in Italian, although the songs were in english so I could sing along!! We went to bed around 4am and slept in sleeping bags on the floor of the living room. The next morning we woke up bright and early at 9:30 and got ready for the first day of 2016. For breakfast we ate pandoro with white frosting, so healthy I know!! We split up into 2 tiny cars (4 people per car) and drove 1.5 hours to a spa in the mountains. The spa consisted of three pools, all of them with warm water. Two pools were inside pools and one was outside where you could see the beautiful view of the surrounding mountains. The outside pool lit up with different colored lights at night, so it was beautiful both night and day! The inside pools had whole body massagers where you could lay down on an underwater platform and have a bubble massage!! We left at 7:30, ate dinner at McDonalds, and then watched Frozen at home. The whole day was so amazing, and I wouldn’t have changed anything about it. I love every second spending time with these wonderful friends. Thank you all for making this New Year so special for me :) Here is first picture of us in 2016!

Laura, Camilla, Edo, Carlotta, Martino, Andrea, Fonky, Gotta, and Elena


The next day, January 2, was my birthday!!! I’m 18! My friends made that day very special. They took me to a sushi restaurant about an hour away from Angera. I had been talking about how I really love sushi and how we should go eat it sometime together, and they remembered! The sushi was amazing! We payed for an all you can eat menu, and ordered sooooooo much food! We ordered dishes from almost every category of the menu! The restaurant was super cool! It had this conveyer belt that went all over the room with small bowls of pieces of sushi on it, and the tables were right next to the belt so we just grabbed anything we wanted from it and it was all free! By the end of the night we were all super full, but we still had room for cake! Laura and Edo had graciously made two beautiful nutella cakes that were so yummy. Thanks you guys!! My friends also got me a gift of a foto collage that can hang on the wall. They put this New Years picture in the middle frame, and all of the other frames are empty for new pictures we take together in the future. It was so kind of them to give me this. Thank you so much you guys!

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