Summer Extension!

Hello everyone! I can’t believe it’s already been a week since I’ve been out of Phoenix. Time has gone by so quickly! Good news, today I found out that my school here doesn’t start until September 21 due to construction purposes. That means I get another whole week of summer with my host family!

Last night was a blast, my family took me to see the EXPO (“Exposition, large-scale public exhibition”) in Milan. We had to ride a one hour train ride there, but it was definitely worth it! EXPO is basically an event where a whole bunch of different countries all around the world come to exhibit their country to the public. Each country sets up a display of whatever they want (food, dance, music, info on the country, etc.) to share their culture with the public. My family and I went to see the exhibits of Malaysia, Indonesia, The United States, and Nepal. It was incredible! And then we ate at McDonalds because they were on display as well (McDonalds doesn’t exist in Italy).

Today I got to walk around the small town of Angera (where I live). The buildings are so cute and the streets are really narrow! I went to an open market where people in tents were selling clothes and jewelry. Then I went to the grocery store and the bank. After getting back home and eating lunch, Camilla and I went to an old church where we volunteered to repaint the walls blue. I got to meet Camilla’s friends there too because they were helping out as well.

Overall my time here has been really exiting, and I can’t wait to tell you more in the next couple of days! See you later!

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