Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween everyone!!! You’re probably wondering if Italians celebrate Halloween. Well….not really. Only some little kids dress up. Everyone else just treats it as a normal day. So instead of celebrating Halloween today, I went to school because it’s Saturday! Then after school my host mom picked me and Camilla up and we walked to a restaurant and had lunch. There were some Mexican food options, so I got a burrito! Nice to have something other than pasta for a change :) But I still love pasta, don’t worry :D After lunch we walked around Intra and shopped in the tiny stores along the sides of the streets. I kinda felt like I was in an outside mall because the stores were so small and the streets were so narrow and full of people! Tonight I’m going out with Camilla and Martino and some friends. Apparently we’re going to a place where they serve really long sandwiches. Right now I’m picturing Subway’s 12 inch long sandwiches…It should be interesting.

School’s going well. Tuesday I got out of school early because my Italian teacher was gone. And Wednesday I started school two hours later because of the same reason. Apparently it’s normal if the teacher doesn’t show up. One of these days I will write a blog telling the differences between school in the USA and school in Italy. That shall be fun to write :) Ciao ciao!

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