Finally in Italy!

Ciao everyone! After 5 long flights to Denver, New York, Zurich, Rome, and then Milan, I am FINALLY in my small town called Angera, which is in the north west part of Italy next to Lake Maggiore. The past few days have been exhausting but also fun because I got to meet the other exchange students going to Italy. There are about 450 of us total, 35 being from the United States.

My host family met me at the Milan airport today. It was very exiting for all of us to meet in person! I have two host parents, a host sister who is 17, and a host brother who is 23. I haven’t met my host brother yet because apparently he is at a football camp, but I get to meet him tomorrow. Anyway, after picking me up at the airport, my host family took me to their house and I dropped off my stuff. Then we went out to eat at a traditional Italian restaurant because they wanted me to experience Italian food. I had pasta, obviously :)

Well that’s all I can write tonight because I’m so tired. I’ll blog again as soon as I get the chance. Buona notte!

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