My Trip to Naples!

On Saturday I returned from yet another amazing trip! This time I went to Naples!! Starting the journey on Thursday, my wonderful host parents and I woke up bright and early and drove to Stresa where we took our first train to Milan. After about a two hour wait of drinking coffee and shopping at the various shops scattered around the station, we took our next train to Naples. This ride was 4 hours long. Luckily the seats were pretty comfy so I was able to sleep and listen to music. When we finally arrived in Naples we got off the train and walked outside. It was crazy!! There were tourists everywhere trying to get taxis!! And everyone was yelling at each other, fighting over taxis, and speaking in “Napolitano”- the language of Naples. It’s still considered Italian, but they use a whole different accent and a lot of the words are in dialect. It was very hard to understand our taxi guy hahah his name is Franko. When we arrived at our hotel, we checked in, dropped off our stuff, and headed out to visit the beautiful city of Naples. We walked on the sidewalk by the sea and through the big city with small roads and small houses and small everything. It’s not a spacious city like Phoenix; all of the roads are very narrow, only fit for one car. There was graffiti EVERYWHERE and there were little shops and restaurants along the roads; to me it felt like an outside mall! There were tons of people! Mostly tourists, but now and again you’d hear a loud, over-exaggerated, weird-accent-italian voice in the distance and know they’re from Naples. We walked through the Gallery that looked like a small replica of the one in Milan, we visited several churches, we saw strange-african looking street dancing, and we ate the most delicious pizza I’ve EVER tasted!

The next day we woke up around 9, ate a breakfast of coffee, yogurt, fruit, and chocolate croissants, and headed off to see the rest of Naples. We saw the beautiful castle by the sea, and visited the mini art gallery inside with paintings of Vesuvius. Than we strolled along the sidewalk by the sea again and found a shop that rents those kind of family, 4 wheeled bikes where two people peddle. So we decided to rent one for one hour! It was so much fun!! There were two steering wheels but only mine worked, so I got to drive! Don’t worry AFS no need to panic there wasn’t a real engine so I wasn’t breaking any rules I wouldn’t even consider it driving don’t kick me out please I have my licence!!!!! Whoo I’m out of breath! Anyway….. we drove along the bike lane along the street, but a couple times we had some obstacles in the way so we had to get out, pull the bike on the sidewalk, and try not to run over any people! It was pretty fun :) After that Pigi and I got some gelato, and then we headed back to the hotel where our taxi man picked us up. He drove us to see the great volcano Vesuvius! However, after the long, and curvy journey up the volcano, we realized that there was nothing to see because it was so foggy and cold! Plus my host mom felt a little sick from the drive up. So we got back in the car and drove back down. I can still say I’ve been on a volcano though! We were hoping to see Pompeii after that, but everyone felt a little sleepy, so we headed back to the hotel to rest. First Pigi and I went on a walk around the city and ate a snake of mozzarella and tomato salad because we hadn’t had lunch that day, and then we all relaxed at the hotel. For dinner we ate at a restaurant by the bay. I ordered spaghetti with seafood which was delicious! The table beside us was two American tourists from Chicago, so I talked to them a bit in english.

Saturday morning my host mom and I walked around the city, looking at clothing stores and watching magicians on the street. Than we packed up our bags, hopped in our taxi, and went back to the train station for our first 4 hour trip back to Milan. Than another train back to Stresa, where we ate dinner at a nice restaurant with a stunning view of Lake Maggiore.

Today was my last day of school. I finished my year of Italian school!!! Woot woot! Be proud of me! Tomorrow and the next 4 days will be full of activities and adventures. I’ll give you sneak peak: Milan, Tiantian, Reggio Emilia, Camp

And with those four hints, be ready to read the whole story next week!

Also, if you haven’t already seen it, here’s my video for May: <;

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