2 more months left

It is May 15, meaning I have a little less than 2 months left here in Italy. That’s so strange to think about. I feel like these last few months have just whizzed by! I’m excited but also a little melancholy for that day I step onto the plane to Sicily. I can only imagine now, but I feel like it will be a very emotional day when I leave my home here in Pettenasco, leave my Italian family, friends, and get on a plane to Rome for the last orientation. Then to get on another plane to Sicily and see my American parents. And then the final plane back to Arizona a week later to see my home, my sisters, friends, and my life back in the USA. It will be strange…very strange.

For now, however, I am going to enjoy these last couple months and salvage my time here. This week has been pretty normal. Monday I went to school, had my Italian lesson, then I missed the train back home because it was too EARLY (very very strange because trains here are usually really late!!). Luckily Giuseppe (AFS volunteer) was in the area and could pick me up. Friday night my host family took me to a harp and flute concert at a church in Omegna. It was absolutely beautiful! The harp looked just like mine at home!! Yesterday Tiantian came for the night. We ate dinner at “Roadhouse” (a steakhouse in Arona) and both Tiantian and I ordered B&Q ribs :) This morning Alda came over and we all ate lunch outside because there’s finally some sun today!

Tomorrow I’m going on a class trip to Turin, then from Tuesday until next Tuesday I will be in Corsica (the French island above Sardinia)! So I will try to write my next post tomorrow night after my trip to Turin. Till then!

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