April Fools! sorry mom…

Hey guys! As you already know, yesterday was April Fools day! in Italian this day is called “Pesce d’Aprile!” And just like in the USA, April Fools day in Italy is a day for pranking people and playing silly jokes. Now you’re probably wondering if I did anything yesterday…Well YES of course I did!! I LOVE April Fools Day! So the night before April Fools Day, my host dad Pigi had the idea of tricking my mom in the USA. He sent her a Facebook message that said, “Tomorrow we will be at the Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport with the flight UNITED 817 at 10:33am for a weekend trip. Can you please pick us up?” Then we played the waiting game for a response. Finally she texted me and asked “Is this real?” And then I texted back and made her think that we were extending Easter break and visiting her and grandma in Tucson. I felt kinda bad leading her on with this exciting news, and I could tell she actually believed me because she was asking so many questions and planning our trip for us. So then I finally texted “PESCE D’APRILE!” and apologized. Again Mom, I’m SO SORRY for this prank!! I know you must have been super excited when you got the news, and then super sad and probably a little angry when you found out it was a prank. Just know that I love you and I’m truly sorry. Happy April Fools! I also played another April Fools prank yesterday, but this time on my host parents! I tried to think of something funny but not mean to do, so I took some playing cards that I had brought over from Arizona and drew a fish on each card (Italians use fish to symbolize April Fools Day). Then I hid all of the cards around the house. Some of them were in visible places such as on the computer keyboard, and others I hid more thoroughly. It was like an easter egg hunt but with cards! haha So that’s what happened yesterday. Ciao ciao!


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