The Battle of Oranges!!!

Pronti…..VIA!!!! This is what they shouted yesterday at the battle of oranges. Okay, let me explain. Yesterday was the last day of the festival of Carnivale. “Carnivale” (carnival) is a christian holiday which celebrates the day before Ash Wednesday and Lent. The actual holiday is on Tuesday but people like to celebrate the weekend before as well, so we had 3 days off from school :) So to celebrate, I went to Ivrea with some AFS friends to see the “Battaglia di Arance” (Battle of Oranges). Every year they have this “battle” to commemorate World War II. A whole bunch of people gather in the middle of the city Ivrea and along the streets and throw oranges at people in carts pulled by horses. It’s really crazy though because they actually treat it like a war. I mean they were throwing the oranges REALLY hard!!! There were actually a lot of people that got hurt. And many people came out of the war with black eyes and bruises. My friends and I were told not to participate in the war because of this. But it was still really fun to watch!! I actually took some videos of the battle that I will post in my next youtube video of February :) By the end of the battle that lasted 2 hours, the cobblestone streets were COVERED in oranges. There was literally a blanket of ORANGE MUSH on the ground. It was so gross hahahha. My shoes turned from blue to orange in seconds lololol. I would definitely call yesterday one of the best days I’ve had here. Not only because of the fun experience of seeing this strange tradition of oranges, but also because I got to catch up with my exchange friends. There were about 50 of us who went, all staying in different areas of northern Italy. Most of them I hadn’t seen since the AFS camp in October, so it was really amazing seeing them again and sharing experiences with them. We are all getting pretty good at Italian as well, so we spoke Italian to each other, not english if you guys were wondering ;) This day was definitely a day to remember. I hope I get to have more days like this in the future. Buona notte tutti!

Also, if you haven’t already seen my new youtube video for January, here’s the link! <;

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