I was a teacher for a day

This week has been so exciting and full of fun opportunities! The day after I returned from Corsica, I was given the opportunity to teach Italian kids about the USA. I had already done it a week prior to Corsica at the school where my host mom teaches, so luckily I was prepared to do it again even after the long journey from Corsica. I gave my presentation twice to two classes, and I was able to speak english because it was for the english class! I also did a similar thing today but at a different school. Yesterday, however, I gave the same presentation 6 times for 6 different classes!! I felt like a movie star each time I entered the classrooms because all of the little kids would gasp, stare at me, stand up and say “Good morning!!” I guess the english teacher told them I was coming. It was definitely a good opportunity for me because I had never actually experienced teaching before, nonetheless teaching my own language to a whole bunch of 13 year old Italian kids!! I enjoyed it tremendously. Here’s a copy of my presentation in english: Welcome to the USA. I also made one in Italian when I went to Sicily: Benvenuti negli Stati Uniti

On Sunday my host parents took me to visit Alba, beautiful city in Piemonte, Italy. We had already gone there in February, but we decided to again because it’s so beautiful! After a 2 hour drive we finally arrived, and the first thing we did was deliver “tartufi” (truffles) to a shop where Pigi sells his products that he makes at the factory. We stayed there for a while, tasting wine and different truffle jams, spreads, and butters. I even helped make a sale because some english speakers from Australia came in wanting to buy truffles, so I acted as a translator! Than more english speakers came, this time from Texas! It felt good to be able to help them communicate. For lunch we drove to a nearby wine cellar and tasted different types of red wines, white wines, and a dessert wine that I loved. For food I ordered a selection of various bruschetta, salamis, and focaccias. After lunch we got a tour of the wine cellar. It was raining a little, and I saw a cute little puppy with a sad face in the courtyard. I felt so bad for him, so I gave him some love and took a picture with him. I really wanted to take him home he was so adorable!!! After the tour we drove around the area, looking at the beautiful surrounding vineyards and roses everywhere. We stopped at a couple small towns and walked around. This part of Italy really looked like the typical Italy that you would see in movies – rolling green hills full of vineyards, old churches and castles, wine tastings, tiny shops along the cobblestone streets. I really enjoyed Sunday.

Some good news, I’m going to Naples on Thursday for two nights! I’m so excited ahhhhh!!! So my next post will be sometime this weekend about my trip to Naples. Until then!

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