A Doctor Came to the House

Good morning everyone! Well actually, it’s not that great of a morning, because I’m sick! I’ve been sick for the past 6 days, meaning I’ve had to stay at home in bed for 6 days. Don’t worry, it’s just the flu, nothing too serious. My host parents have been great about it, they give me antibiotics to get better, and tea and orange juice and vegetable broth as well. My host dad is sick too, so we’re both struggling together haha. A doctor came to the house yesterday. I was a little surprised because in the United States you would always have to go to the hospital and wait in line to see a doctor. Here I guess it’s different, you can just call the hospital and they send someone over to check on you. Pretty cool! Anyway, he said that everything would be fine if I just kept taking my antibiotics. So by the end of the week I should be all better! :)

As for everything else that’s going on, it’s good! I’m really liking my life here at this other lake. I’ve already started making friends at school; school is a lot more fun with drawing and sculpture. The drawing teacher is even going to show me how to do watercolor! In sculpture we started working with clay. It’s really fun, but really messy!!

I have good news! From March 12-March 20 I get to go to Enna Sicily! Every exchange student gets a chance to participate in a week exchange in some other part of Italy, and I chose Sicily! I will be staying with a different host family there so I can learn about the different cultures they have versus here in the north. There will be about 3 other exchange students in my area with me, and every day AFS has exciting activities for us to do. The only thing, I have to prepare a powerpoint presentation about my country (USA). Wish me luck!

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