Watercolor, Harp, and Nutella Tiramisu!

Good morning America and good evening Italy! This week has been long, but rewarding. I feel like every day here is a new adventure, there is always something new I encounter. In school I’ve been working on a watercolor painting! I haven’t painted for such a long time, and it’s really fun to start up again. I find it relaxing and enjoyable. After school I like to go home, sit at the table looking out at the lake, pop in my earbuds and listen to Taylor Swift, and paint. I’ve also been busy playing the harp! My host parents were so generous as they rented a harp for me! It’s a little smaller than my harp at home, and it has levers instead of pedals. But it makes a beautiful sound, and I’m so happy when I play it.

On Wednesday I went to my crew lesson with Iris (next door neighbor). Every Wednesday we invite handicapped kids to play with us which I love. This week we played a game in the grass where we tried to hit each other with a foam ball!

Yesterday was a very long day for me. I went to school, then had an Italian lesson with my fellow American friend Isabelle. I was supposed to take the train back at 4:40, but I missed it because I didn’t speed walk fast enough! I got to the station at 4:42 and watched my train disappear. So I waited in the train station caffè for two hours and took the next train at 6:40. When I got home, I had ten minutes to freshen up, and then my host family and I met our neighbors at a pizzeria! They’re from Switzerland but they also have a house here in Italy. There were 11 of us total at dinner, and three nationalities – Italian, American, and Swiss. I had pasta with ragù (tomato/meat sauce) and then a really yummy nutella tiramisu for dessert. And I’m not kidding when I say it was the BEST tiramisu I’d ever tasted. When the waiter first put the plate in front of me, it looked like the tiramisu was inside a paper wrapper like a cupcake. But when I started eating, I realized that the wrapper was made of nutella!!! It made my day :)

As you all know, I went to Sicily last month for my “settimana di scambio” (week of exchange). During that week, we made double interviews and filmed them. We had no time to prepare beforehand so it was basically improvised… but we did our best! I did mine with Vania! Here is the link!  <http://www.sicilianews.tv/2016/04/22/intercultura-bolivia-vs-usa-vania-e-sienna-a-confronto-intervista-doppia/>  P.S. Please ignore my horrible American accent thanks :D

Next week I will be going on a trip to the cities Mantua and Parma with Isabelle and my host mom’s school. That being said, my next post will probably be next weekend. Ciao ciao!

2 thoughts on “Watercolor, Harp, and Nutella Tiramisu!

  1. You are always, “on the go”! Please thank your hosts for me and dad. They are showing you real Italian culture and involving you in everything they love. I think they love YOU too!

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