Sick AGAIN!!!???

Good morning my lovelies. Yesterday was one of many days to remember, I had so much fun and made new friends :) Some of the AFS students from Novara, Domodossola, and two students who are on their “settimana di scambio” (week exchange) all came to visit Lake Orta for a day trip. And I’m so glad they invited me because it was super fun to see everyone again and meet the students I hadn’t known beforehand. We started the day off by walking around the lake for maybe 2 hours. Then we stopped at an open grass area next to the water and had a picnic. It was a nice spring day, and it was the first day this spring that I didn’t have to wear my gigantic coat! We all shared our already-packed-lunches and took pictures with Cameron’s fancy camera. Then we continued our walk along the lake until we arrived at a small dock where a boat would arrive to take us to the island in the middle of the lake. We went to a small coffee shop while we waited for the boat, drank coffee, and played a rhyming game. One person would say a short sentence, and the next person would continue the story, having to rhyme the last word of the previous sentence. First we played it in english, and then tried in Italian…which kinda failed lol! When the boat finally arrived, we all gathered in and took a 5 minute ride. We were only on the island for about 15-20 minutes because it’s a really small island, but we saw a lot – a church, cobblestone streets, old houses. We took the boat back to the other side of the lake close to my town and toured around Orta a bit. By then I was extremely tired, but there was still one more activity to do – climb what seemed like a really tall mountain (but it was just a hill). What was even worse was that my feet were already sore from walking so far earlier, and the path up the hill was made of cobblestones, which didn’t help my feet at all!! We made the hike seem more fun by singing songs and playing music from our phones. Maybe it was the music that motivated us, but somehow we made it to the top of the “hill” and were rewarded with an amazing view of the lake. Then after catching our breath, taking off jackets, and drinking loads of water, we headed back down to the cars. We drove back to where we met each other that morning, and my host mom picked me up and drove me home. I had never felt so tired in my whole life! My feet hurt, my head hurt, throat hurt, and my whole body was sore. When I checked my temperature, it was 100.04 degrees fahrenheit (37.8 degrees celsius). I went straight to bed after dinner, and had a long, but shifting sleep.

This morning I woke up with a sore throat and a runny nose, but no temperature. I guess the temperature was just from my tiredness from yesterday. So on the bright side it’s just a cold, and hopefully it won’t last as long as it did in February when I had the flu!

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